Guns - How wonderful and fortunate we are to have the Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment in the great U.S.A.

Amendment 2 Guns

I praise our forefathers because were it not for them we would not be able to exercise our right to bear arms and pursue our passion for guns (hence the name for this website

So What Guns are You Passionate About?

Single Action Army (SAA) revolvers for Cowboy Action Shooting. Semi-Automatic pistols for Competition Shooting or shotguns for clay targets. Black powder style flint lock or cap and ball muskets and pistols. Maybe you prefer to collect rare Winchesters, Colts or World War I and II firearms. Modern AR-15s, AK 47s, Barrett .50 caliber sniper and tactical rifles, big game hunting rifles and... I can go on and on and on.

The 2nd Amendment and Guns in general is a huge topic among citizens, military & police, hunters and sportsman alike and of course politicians.

Whatever your background and passion with guns is, is a site that will discuss, explore and help you learn more. When it comes to guns, and firearm accessories, be it for hunting, cowboy action, competition shooting, collecting, law enforcement or just for fun target practice at your local range. We are interested in it and want to share this information with men and woman of all ages. We hope you will do the same with your family and friends (pay it forward!).

Our goal is to provide our visitors with tips and information about all kinds of guns and firearm related subjects. Gun safety and laws, new gun products and guns for sale, ammunition, and links to other sites for you the gun enthusiast.

There is a lot of ground to cover but we think its worth the effort, after all the "Amendment 2 Guns" is our passion.

We hope you think about your 2nd Amendment right and exercise it. Please visit us frequently to see our progress, tell us how we are doing. Add us to your favorites.

Before Purchasing any of our firearms please read our "Conditions of Use" located under "Useful Links".

Amendment 2 Guns